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Whether you are a regular user of marijuana or you only smoke weed once in a while, this book has got you covered. My main aim of carrying out a yearlong research was to come up with guidelines that will help you pass a hair drug test without requiring you to make very demanding changes in your daily routine.

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Are You Looking For a  Bullet-Proof Detox Guide That Will Pass 

Your Hair Drug Test

Here is a scientifically proven and tested guideline that will help you beat the odds and pass a hair drug test!

My name is Piter and I am the author and creator of this eBook. I have undergone my fair share of failed hair drug tests and they caused me a job and mad e me miss out on several lucrative opportunities. My frustration led me to try out several guidelines on the internet but none worked for me, most failed in some aspect or were too expensive to execute or inconveniencing and impractical. I went scouring on the internet looking for answers and research that could help come up with guidelines that were based on facts and scientific prove. It was no easy task and it took me a little more than a year to conclude my research. At some point, I thought maybe my guideline was just a senseless theory but one experience made me belief in my research.





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Jonas Kent

Creative, W, Entertainment

I don't know much about the science behind how a hair drug test, all I know is that the guidelines on this eBook are easy to follow, the supplies are affordable and most importantly they work! I passed my hair drug test with flying colors and this is big for me because I absolutely love my weed and I hardly go 2 days without indulgings like stumbling on a well kept secret!

Jane Doe

CEO/Founder, GoodWork Inc.

I love weed so the information on this eBook has helped me take time off to pass drug tests and still indulge once or twice. I am able to still have fun and get clean when needed.
Do you want to know more about what inspired this amazing book? Read my story really carefully
   I got the opportunity to be interviewed by one of the most prestigious tech companies. I prepared well and aced the interview; HR called me up and informed me that the position was mine as long as I passed a compulsory hair drug test in two weeks! This was not good news for me because I believe in having fun and living to the fullest and getting stoned with my crazy friends is part of my weekend routine. I thought to myself there is no better time to see if my research works, so I started following my guideline to the tee. I was very worried because apart from weekends I smoke weed almost daily but I soldiered on and completed the entire guide.
   After two weeks, although still very worried, I bit the bullet and took the hair drug test and to my amazement I passed! I was not only relieved about passing and getting my dream job but I also knew that my research had paid off. My techniques worked! I wanted to test it on other people before passing it on to the general public. I recommended it to a friend who needed to pass a drug test to get a job-promotion at work and she also passed her hair drug test with flying colors! Majority of my friends and workmates who are also heavy stoners have relied on this guide and none of them has failed a hair drug test so far. This eBook is my opportunity to pass on this incredible knowledge to you!
Nothing beats the feeling of being declared drug-free after a hair drug test! Check out this book and you will have a chance to experience this awesome feeling!





Jonas Kent

Creative, W, Entertainment

I was extremely desperate when I came across this awesome eBook, I only had three weeks to get rid of all traces on marijuana in order to get a job and this is after three years of running up and down searching for employment. This was the first time in my life I was going to take a hair drug test suffice to say I had no idea what to do all I knew was that my regular smoking put me at high risk of failing the test. I asked around and an old roommate assured me it would work! I followed every instruction and it has now been a year doing my dream job and I am even up for promotion in 6 months!


No matter your circumstances, be assured that this guideline will help you beat the odds and enable you pass a hair drug test.
I dedicated a full year to finding viable solutions; I took time to ensure every guideline was factual and backed by scientific evidence. I finally came up with a detailed guideline that worked for everyone (frequent users and one-time users).
If you have a hair drug test coming up in a short while and you have no idea what it involves or how to pass it then this eBook will be informational and resourceful for you. Essentially, this book is a reliable and dependable detox program that gives you the power to not let drugs dictate how your life turns out.
This eBook not only gives you the right information but also guides you every step of the way by providing you with effective tips that will come in handy in ensuring you get the best out of all the techniques. It is not just another internet gag but is a realistic approach to detoxing that works for all age groups and another great thing is that it is extremely affordable.
Why this eBook is you're ideal choice and your greatest shot at passing a hair drug test?
The guidelines do not require you to spend expensively on expensive supplies such as a fancy $200 shampoo. All the supplies required to execute these guidelines are chosen because they have a role to play.
All the supplies you need to use to efficiently follow up all this guidelines are easily accessible-you can find them in your local store
Every single guideline is fully backed using credible scientific knowledge and facts.
Reasonably priced making it affordable for everyone who might need it, it is unlike any other guide you have come across because all the methods are safe and you are given precautions to ensure your scalp and hair is protected from extensive damage


All the techniques in this guideline are proven and tested; it is not an experiment that is yet to bear productive result, every technique has been done before and produced great results


How does this eBook stand out from other "magic products" that promise quick and great results?
The internet is thronged with un-credible and disingenuous information that is based on rumors and misconstrued innuendo. Some of these products that promise mind-blowing results are completely false fabrications and can be extremely detrimental your general health and to your hair. This eBook is a step by step detailed guideline that is safe, reasonable and promises great results only if you strictly adhere to every single guideline.
To effectively remove traces of marijuana from your hair, you need a great and effective product that is based on facts and scientific proof. This product comes with a 60-day money back guaranteed which is an indication that I have complete confidence and have absolute believe in the efficiency of this detailed guidelines. If you are in the market for a detox regimen that will help you pass your hair drug test then check out this great product and you will understand why everyone is raving about it!

Piter Ordon

Jonas Kent

Creative, W, Entertainment

This book was a life saver for me! I have to admit that although it came highly recommended, some of the outlines seemed insane and I was a bit resistant to follow up with them. But since I had to take the drug test to get out of a legal situation, I went head with the guidelines and strictly adhered to them. I am happy to say that this book ranks among the best investments I have ever made! I could not believe it when I passed the drug test-in fact I was already looking for a lawyer to bail me out!


Jane Doe

CEO/Founder, GoodWork Inc.

This book reaffirmed my belief that big things do indeed come in small packages! At fast glance, I was very skeptical mostly because I didn’t think such a small book would come in handy in helping me to literally salvage my career by passing a hair drug test. I was desperate and willing to try out anything! So begrudgingly, I bought it and I can now say it was totally worthwhile. I aced the hair drug test and got the job! I went into the hair drug test knowing what to expect and was very relaxed because apart from giving me tips and a guideline the author also took time to help me understand the basics of a hair drug test. I highly recommend it!


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This eBook itself is going to tell you how you can pass drug tests that are based off of your saliva, which is incredibly useful for anybody who is in need of a detox program. The entire guide is focused on providing you with the right information need in order to pass a drug test, nothing more and nothing less!

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