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Tips&Tricks: How to Detox from Weed in Less Than 48 Hours


Here’s How Even I Was Able to Pass a Urine Drug Test

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I am here to share my personal experience that might be a blessing in disguise to many guys and girls out there. I was working as a marketing executive with a top notch MNC and every weekend, consumption of weed was common in our friends group. All of us were bachelors and we found out that it was the perfect syndrome to get rid of our sorrows and moreover lower down our stress levels.

But all good things come to an end? Isn’t it? Well that was the case with me as my company decided to merger with another company. All of us were excited with the hefty pay packets that were about to be offered, but we were in for a rude shock as the company in question has some stringent medical policies. They required all of us to undergo routine weed tests. I have to say, I am daily user of marijuana.
I was in a shock of a life time, being fully aware of the fact that the results would totally go against me. From the drug residue in my samples, the truth will be out and moreover I will cut a sorry figure in front of my near ones.

I went on a frantic search in the internet, but some of the overnight detox items are pretty much expensive and don’t think I can afford those, as I’ve just exchanged my car and drained my savings on that. So spent more time in the internet to search for cheap and inexpensive ways on “How to detox from weed”.

And finally I found some stuff in a blog written by an individual who had experienced similar problems in the past which mentioned a lot of home remedies and other techniques to get yourself detoxed in less than 2 days. He shared his advice with a host of methods and tips to clear the test. So in a nutshell here are the experiences for everyone to find answers to the question on how to detox from weed in an easy manner.

With that advice and following the techniques, I did clear my THC test (it was urine drug test) in my office and didn’t lose my job or got exposed among my colleagues.

14 Tips for Passing a Saliva Drug Test For Weed


Saliva drug test can be passed easily by following the below mentioned tips

  • Refrain from taking drugs 72 hours prior to the test. …

  • Do not take products with nicotine 48 hours before the test. …

  • Maintain a thorough mouth hygiene routine. …

  • Eat a high fat meal 1 hour before the mouth swab. …

  • Don’t eat anything containing poppy seeds

  • The process of dilution should begin before the day of your test. Ideally intake 1.75 gallons of cranberry juice or till the pee becomes clear.

  • Before the night of the test, you need to consume around 15,000 mg of creatine. If the water levels in your urine are not up the mark it will be
    regarded as nullified

  • On the day of the test wake up at least three hours before and consume 10,000 Gms of creatine to boost its levels.

  • When you consume multiple vitamin B tablets, it gives your urine the yellow color for the matter when it is dilute. In this manner no scope of
    doubt is provided to the tester.

  • Increase your intake of cranberry juice and water to dilute the levels of urine

  • On the day of your test, make it a point that you urinate several times. The toxin levels are high when you wake up, as lot of toxins are released
    into the urine when you sleep

  • Before the test ensures that the yellow tint has returned and the pee is not all that clear. If the pee is not clear, it is quite obvious that the
    urine has been diluted. If it appears more clear, then increase the intake of vitamin B so that it comes pale yellow

  • On the day of the test, try to give it mid-stream as towards the earlier part of the day, chances of more toxins will be there.

  • Give the test and hope for the best.

Best ways to detox from weed

If you are planning to have a drug test and if you need to pass it, you need to think out of the box. To give a blind eye to drug tests, is not easy, but
with the right tools and proper planning one can pass the test.



Chemical methods

Baking soda

In a glass of water mix two to three teaspoons of baking soda, and drink it three hours before the test. It is relatively inexpensive and balances down the
PH levels. But a point to be noted is that it gives out an unpleasant smell and has potential side effects.


As vinegar is a form of acid, it is known to break down the digestive system and helps your body to get rid of the toxins, along with chemicals like TMC.
For two days up to your test take a few servings of vinegar. It can alter the levels of your PH and the need for another test may also arise. When consumed
in large amounts it can be harmful for your system.

Medical methods


Before 4 to 6 hours of the test, take two to four aspirins. They absorb the chemicals that leave your body. If there is a large dosage you might be light
headed, but positive outcomes are assured during the course of the result. It cannot be found out in the course of the sample results.


Is basically a weight loss pill and is available in all the supplement stores across the country. When you take two pills before the test, your blood
streams tend to enlarge and make it more water soluble. It is occasionally detected in test results and the side effects can be pragmatic.


Is known to speed up the flushing process, though the exact amount of dosage is dependent on your size. Leading up to the test one can consume 100 mg 2 to
3 times a day. It is very effective and the results cannot be detected in the tests.


Bleach when added to the urine samples, helps to remove metabolism from urine. The best results are derived from the use of bleach crystals, but a few
ounces of liquid bleach can also produce effective results. But a point to be noted is that when bleach is used in results, a scent of film is left behind
and it is also known to alter the PH levels

Eye drops

This is similar to the bleach method; you just need to add a few eye drops and all the metabolites in the urine are cancelled out. For using this method,
one needs to urinate first, then a few drops should be added and mixed on to the sample. This method is not all that effective, as it has been detected by
the lab records.


When you sit in a sauna, your body temperature is bound to rise. This causes you to sweat and release the chemicals and toxins from the body. When used in
combination with other methods like drinking water or exercising, effective results are produced. For best results, you need to sit in the sauna for 10 to
15 minutes and take short breaks in between. During this breaks intake lot of water. This should be done on a regular basis 2 to 3 days before the tests

Natural methods



Exercise is another way to detox your body. When you exercise, you sweat and this helps the body to get rid of all toxins. But ensure that you do not put
in too much effort on the day of your test.


Referred to as flushing, it is one of the easiest and inexpensive methods to pass the drug test. For best results to be achieved it is suggested that you
sip the water, instead of gulping it one go. Though drinking too much amount of water might provide an effective remedy on how to detox from weed, drinking
too much of it can harm your internal organs along with the results of your tests.

Pickle juice

The general opinion among people is that if you consume large amount of pickle juice, the acid present in it will kill the PH levels present in your urine
sample. The question is it will it require large amounts of pickle juice and you need to consider the fact on whether it is really effective? Individuals
who opt for this test try out a combination of few other methods to pass the test.

Cranberry juice

Is known to contain nutrients that flush out the excess sodium and water from the body. Though this method is not full proof on its own, it can be combined
with other methods to derive effective results. Before two to three days of the test drink at least a couple of glasses of cranberry juice. The results of
it will not be found in the test results

Other methods

Rely on the use of someone else’ urine

This might be the short cut story to success, but putting it into reality is a nightmare. If the test is taken in the vicinity of your home, you can
recommend a drug free friend of yours to provide the sample. Urine samples can be purchased, though there is a high risk of you being caught.


When you increase the intake of alcohol, it intensifies the process of detoxification, and more water is forced to leave your body. The alcohol levels will
be determined in the test levels, so you need to choose a method where the alcohol levels are not put to play. Only help with the TMC levels in your
bloodstream will be determined, not with the one that has already accumulated in your blood tissues.


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