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I Got Only 2 Days To Pass a Drug Test. Here Is How I Did It


Pre-Employment Drug Testing

employmentGetting a job nowadays can be one tiresome task. However, I can count myself among the few lucky ones who got a job immediately after college. Things went fine until recently when I got a sack, our company needed to cut down the wage bill and I was among the unlucky ones to get axed. However, this is not the story I want to share with you. I want to share my experience in the search of a new job and how the use of drugs almost made me lose a lifetime opportunity. Immediately after I was sacked, I engaged in a manner of lifestyle having fun with friends. The company had offered me a good package so I had some good money to spend.

Only Two Days

Money made me do all those worst things you can imagine of. I remember making all kinds of friends, some who introduced me to drugs. All my life I had never used any hard drugs but now I had used almost all of them. After six months without work, I was almost broke and could not manage without earning some cash. My academic credentials were good and I had some good experience. I was so sure of getting another job soonest. After making several applications, one big company called me up for an interview. I was so happy and confident and luckily passed the interview. I had passed all stages when I was told I had to undergo a drug test before being hired formally. You can imagine the shock that hit me. I never knew companies tested for the presence of drugs before hiring new employees. I definitely knew I was going to test positive since I had used all forms of drugs in a very short period. That very night I went home and read the company policies and for sure I could not get hired if I tested positive.

Commonly used methods to help detox for drug test

No matter your reasons for wanting to pass a drug test, here are some of the most common methods to help you cleanse your body and pass the test.

  • Flushing out the metabolites – this method is the most common and basically involves the intake of a lot of water to help flush out the metabolites. Urine tests basically measure the amount of metabolites in urine. The more water you drink, the more urine you will produce flushing out the metabolites before the test. One should drink lots of water before the test so has to produce more metabolites that does not contain any marijuana or any other drug. However, users should ensure they do not over-hydrate themselves as this can cause intoxication and make them sick
  • Add some vitamin B12 or B2 or a mixture of the two – drinking a lot of water just before the test may give the technicians a clue that you’re trying to flush your systems. However, taking some B2 or B12 will help change the color of your urine back to yellow.
  • Use diuretic – diuretics help the body get rid of water and sodium from the body much faster. These are also used by some people to help them lose weight. Midol is one of the common diuretic brands in the market currently. However, some fruits like cranberry can also be used as diuretics although they are not that effective.
  • Collect mid or end stream urine – the first stream of urine is usually highly concentrated at will, have high concentration of metabolites. It is essential to collect urine towards the end.

My Detox

weed addictionI was so desperate and ready to do anything if it could help me pass the test. I used my laptop and searched for possible ways people could cheat on a drug test but could not get any. I had companies did several tests, including a hair drug test, urine drug test or even blood. So I was not even sure what kind of sample they were going to take from my body. This was a well-paying job I had gotten and it could really kill me if I missed it. The test was in two days’ time, so time was not on my side. At this point I remember saying I could pay anything if it meant passing the test and getting the job. I have found several drug forum websites. People discuss there , how to do this. But I was not sure, if this will works. When I was almost giving up, I finally landed on some website drugtestfiend.com. This site looked genuine and gave some hope. I called them and they sold me an eBook with guidelines on how to pass a drug test in 2 days. I had no other option but to try out this eBook. I was still worried since the eBook was cheap thinking it is some kind of scam. However, they appeared honest and further gave a consultant whom I could speak to at any time.

detox friend

The Most Stressful Day Came…

I followed all the guidelines in the book and whenever I had doubts, I could call the author for more consultations. For those keen to know if the eBook did help me, it did. I passed my test and am currently working with the company which I cannot mention in my story. All my life I had never thought some eBook on the internet will play such a key role in my life. This is one book I could recommend to anybody in a similar situation, but better enough don’t use drugs.

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    That didn’t help

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    I have a piss test in 2 days and I’ve done two different kinds of hard drugs and had taken one hit of weed I’m not sure how to pass I haven’t smoked weed in almost 4 months and I did heroin for the first time and methamphetamine for three days straight

    Someone give me plans-ideas

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      How did it go?

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      How did that work out for ya? 😉

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    I really do have a Dt in 2 days I thought you were going to tell me something that can help me how am I going to get the money if you get a boat to give the book to read the book to take the steps to pass a drug test that I have mg days this was a pointless and disappointing article

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    Don’t do fucking herion fuckin retard stick with weed fuckin asshole

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