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I Passed a Mouth Swab Drug Test in 2 Days

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[Q&A] hi, I need your help guys.

I use marijuana almost everyday. I work for transport company as a truck driver. Usually  I smoke after work, but i am worry that if police or someone form company will do a drug test, it can be positive. So i need methods on how to pass a mouth swab drug test.


[Q&A] My personal story…

Finally I Found My Dream Job

dream jobCollege was not easy as I had thought. Every lesson was difficult with numerous assignments that always kept me late in the library. I thanked my parent for they had thought me patience and helped learn endurance during difficult times. On my final years, that is when things started going astray for me. I remember being friends with some group of guys who could go out on Friday nights and drink all night. At first, I guess my upbringing helped me a lot. I was able to avoid the use of any alcohol or drugs. But one good thing is that I was almost done with my college education and my grades were not that bad. I applied for internship with the local airline and was accepted. I remember working for them for sometime as I gained experiences. It was my dream to be a pilot and I was almost there. I could imagine myself flying people from our area to far parts of the world.

Almost I lost it, because of drugs

drugs addictionThings looked much better when the company decided to hire me on a permanent basis. I had gained enough experience having flown in the air for over 30 hours. But this joy was not going to last for long. I could not imagine of anything or someone stopping from achieving my dreams after working for so long. Trouble started when my friends decided to hold a small celebratory party for me. I remember this day well and wish it had passed without any trouble. But that was not to be the case. That very night after a few drinks, I remember taking my first marijuana puff. With one puff, I ended up smoking a hell lot of it. There were some cocaine within and I can recall sniffing some despite my state. The next day I remember waking up with the worst hangover ever.

i did not manage to get to work on time but made up a silly excuse. In the afternoon while on my desk filing some flight reports, I remember the secretary notifying me for my medical checkup in 2 days time. She told me I could undergo all checks including a mouth swab drug test. I could not believe my eyes and remained dumbfounded on my desk. I could not control myself remembering it was just the previous night that I had used cocaine and marijuana. Quickly I read through the company terms and conditions before any job and found out I could not be taken if I tested positive. To make it worse for me, the company could share my information to any airline company I could seek employment from in the future. I was so desperate for anything that could clear all the drugs from my system. I was ready to pay for anything that could help me pass the test.

Searching the Solution

This is when all the bad thoughts filled my mind. I was thinking fast but could not get any solution for my problem. I remember thinking about bribing the medical officers in charge of the testing. But then I did not even know who was in charge. All that life that looked so bright suddenly looked dark. I could not imagine of all my dreams crushing down even before I could get there. I surfed through the internet for solutions.

  • Of course you can find some general information about drugs. This website also offers forum. People discus there, about thair experience with drugs.
  • Also , what you can do is just google it. There are some forum posts, that you can find. But hmm… I was not 100% sure that it works. I needed something already tested.

7 Tricks to Help You

Sports academic, schools, workplaces and even colleges are nowadays very strict about drug consumption. Over the years, drug abuse has become a common and very serious problem in schools and workplaces. To keep a check on this problem, companies and other institutions are using drug tests on people suspected of using drugs. This test can be done using urine, blood or saliva. A saliva or mouth swab drug test is one of the most effective and widely used drug tests.


  1. Compared to other tests, mouth swab tests are up to 60 % more accurate in detecting drugs like PCP, alcohol, ecstasy, methamphetamine, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, opiates, cannabis and benzodiazepines. Reliability and accuracy are the two main reasons why many institutions consider this kind of test.
  2. Saliva test is non-invasive and the results are very quick. Results are obtained in 5-10 minutes.
  3. The saliva drug test is capable of detecting multiple drugs’ presence in a sample at the same time. It can detect up to 5-6 different drugs with just a single test sample.
  4. The time period which the test can accurately detect intake of drugs, starting from the time of consumption, varies for different drugs. For example, alcohol can be detected with 12 hours from the time of consumption. On the other hand opiates can be detected from an hour post consumption to 3-10 days after it, depending on the amount of dose consumed.
  5. Conducting a mouth swab is much cheaper than testing blood or hair samples. The procedure is highly portable and can be conducted at any location. What’s more, the drug test kits are readily available in the market today.
  6. Despite all the positive things about a mouth swab test, its biggest setback is the fact that drugs like Advil, Ibuprofen and Motrin can all convey false positive test results.

 Some Tips You Have To Known

In most cases, drug test programs are requested in short notice. Thus, many people find it quite difficult to beat the drug test. However, if you still have a few days before the important interview or inspection in your school, then here are tips to help you pass the drug test.

  1. Stop using drugs
    The safest and easiest way to pass any drug test is to stay away from them. Overconsumption of drugs is bad for your health and can even be life-threatening. If you are informed about the date of drug test, then stay away from them for at least 72 hours before the day of testing. For health and legal reasons, abstain from drugs abuse permanently.
  2. Don’t smoke
    Do not smoke within 48 hours of the expected test. Nicotine could result in a false positive result. Also avoid sharing close quarters with people smoking drugs such as heroin and marijuana. Although rare, sitting in an area with a very dense concentration of smoke from other smokers may cause you to fail the swab test.
  3. Brush your teeth regularly
    Brush your teeth, rinse it and gargle about 7-10 times each day. Focus on the gum line, tongue and cheeks as they are the most common sites for a swab drug test. Doing this will wash away all traces of drugs and may show negative results.
  4. Avoid Puppy seeds
    You may have to stay away from certain foods. For example, you may need to avoid eating anything with poppy seeds. Puppy seeds in any form can give false positive results. This is because opium is made from poppy seeds. If it’s a surprise test, make sure you inform the pathologist about your intake of poppy seeds.
  5. Breath mints
    Breath mints may be very helpful in passing the mouth swab drug test. Suck on the mints till the time of test and it will mask the drugs to avoid detection.
  6. Ice
    Chewing ice till the time of your test may help in giving negative results. Also drink lots of water to keep the fluid in your mouth moving.
  7. Chemical mouthwashes
    Chewing cleansing tablets and rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide before the tests can help give negative results. The tablets help maintain oral hygiene, which is another way to mask the presence of drugs in your saliva. You can also get a detox kit to at least help lower the concentration of metabolites, if not completely get rid of them.
  8. DrugTestFriend
    And finally I saw drugtestfriend.com. I did not believe them but had no option but make a trial. I paid some fee and was given a guide on how to detoxify my body. I followed it exactly as explained in 2 days hoping for the best. They even gave me a phone number that I could call for consultation.


The Drug Test Day

happy i passedWhen the test day came, I was nervous but remained confident all through. I was ready for anything and could not imagine how I had messed my life. I could not believe my eyes when the results came. I had tested negative! I remember calling the number I used to consult and thanking them a million times. They were my life saver. I swore never to use drugs again but who had imagined something I never knew like drugtestfriend.com could end up saving my career. I can recommend them to anybody in the same problem. They are genuine and may be the only solution to detoxify your body of any hard drugs.

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10 responses to “I Passed a Mouth Swab Drug Test in 2 Days”

  • Destiny White October 19, 2016 at 3:20 pm Reply 

    I have a Interview for Safeway 2 days from now at 10am. my last intake of weed was last night at 930. I plan on not smoking for 2 days but to just brush & floss my teeth, use mouthwash and drink plenty of water along with sucking on mintsd before going in. Do you think I will be ok

  • Destiny White October 19, 2016 at 3:24 pm Reply 

    I have a Interview for Safeway 2 days from now at 10am. my last intake of weed was last night at 930pm. I plan on not smoking today & tomorrow but will just brush & floss my teeth, use mouthwash and drink plenty of water, drink a dr.pepper on my way there & sucking on mints before going in. Do you think I will be ok

  • Juanita avance March 25, 2017 at 3:51 am Reply 

    Ok so i smoked like 3 hits of weed two days sgo.i got a swab test n 3 days.ive started drinking water and vinager.im drinking a 8 oz glass of water every 30 minutes.im brushing my teeth and rincing with peroxide every hour for two days.do you think ill pass a seab test???

  • James earl jones April 12, 2017 at 3:30 pm Reply 

    I had a drug test Monday and I’m in a substance abuse class and on probation for marijuana, well couldn’t help myself and I got high but I passed my oral drugtest and urine test. I just stopped 3 days before test and brushed my teeth constantly for three days straight and I passed. I just left probation today had my handy dandy whizzanator.. and I passed

  • James earl jones April 12, 2017 at 3:33 pm Reply 

    As long as u give yourself 3 days you will pass an oral drugtest..it only goes back 24 to 48 hours.

    • Daniel fro July 27, 2017 at 9:00 pm Reply 

      Had I oral test at work and my last line of blow was 38 hours before the test will I pass.

    • Joleen Anduja August 10, 2017 at 9:34 pm Reply 

      Who said 24 -48 hours?

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