Everything You Should Know About Hair Follicle Drug Test

hair follicleBeating a hair drug test can be very challenging, especially since most companies only inform their employees several days ahead – when that happens, you basically have less than a week to prepare yourself and to purge all the toxins and the drug residues from your body. However, the problem with tests1)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair_follicle From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is that the narcotic residue persists a lot more in the strain, and the most advanced tests focus not just on the length of the hair, but also on the bulb, which means that even the most recent drug use can be identified, if you do not take all the necessary safety precautions.

A positive drug attempt can not only result in the loss of your job, but it can also lead to a variety of legal problems (read about Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign) . Fortunately, all is not lost! Here you will find out more and why is it that these tests have become widely used for testing employees all over the United States of America.

Why Are These Tests So Popular?

There are several reasons why hair drug tests are considered to be more accurate and more reliable than the classic blood2)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_test, urine and mouth swab tests. For instance, that test can detect a longer history of narcotic use, not to mention that it is a lot more difficult to cheat on such a test – the sample is removed directly from the person’s test. Urine tests used to be the norm until not too long ago, but the proliferation of different cheating techniques, methods and products have rendered this test useless.

Understand How The Hair Drug Test Works

The first thing you need to do in order to cheat a hair drug test is to understand its mechanism of action, and what narcotics are most commonly tested for. Having said that, it often happens that most drug tests in the USA focus not just on hard drugs, such as cocaine3)http://www.cesar.umd.edu/cesar/drugs/cocaine.asp, ecstasy4)http://www.cesar.umd.edu/cesar/drugs/ecstasy.asp, methamphetamine5)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methamphetamine or heroin6)http://www.cesar.umd.edu/cesar/drugs/heroin.asp, but also on morphine, codeine and THC-based drugs, such as hash, marijuana or edible cannabis products. It is not uncommon for many employees to also order an alcohol test to be performed along with the test, along with various prescription pills like Valium, Xanax, Phenobarbital, Secobarbital and others.

Become Familiar With The Most Efficient Methods

Now that you have a brief overview of the test itself, it is important to become familiar with some of the “cheating methods” that can increase your chances of success. Ultimately, if you have taken any drugs recently, you have nothing to lose if you try these methods. Here they are:

  • Try To Detox Your At Home. This is the easiest method, and you can try it in the privacy of your own home. There are several different methods that can remove any and all traces of THC metabolites from your hair strain: you can either use vinegar (soak in vinegar for 20 minutes) or salicylic acid.
  • Try An In-Depth Detox Shampoo! This should be regarded as a last resort measure, as its efficacy is not always guaranteed. There are numerous shampoos that do not remove the toxins, but rather mask them by coating your strain with a thick layer, thus acting like a conditioner. By masking the toxins, you should be able to beat the drug test without any problem. The toxins are trapped inside the hair follicle and the only guaranteed way to remove them is by cutting your hair – however, you can still try to mask them with a high-quality detoxification shampoo. The mechanism of action of these shampoos is very simple: when the hair strain is dissolved and prepared for the test, the shampoo chemicals that are bound to the hair are dissolved along with the strain, thus masking the toxins present in it!
  • Try a personalized detox program, such as Detox Friend. This is a long-term and highly efficient detoxification program that has helped tens of thousands of people in the past, and it may come in handy for you as well. You can get yourself a personal detoxification counselor that will offer you a customized plan of action designed to purge your entire body!

detox friend

How Did I Pass My Durg Test – Personal Story

Growing up people have big dreams of what they aspire to be. Chances are few in life and you cannot let one pass you once you’re about to achieve your dreams. My personal story on cheating a hair drug test is a unique one as one simple mistake almost crushed my all my dreams. I grew up in Texas and all that my parent wanted for me is to have a good education and grow up morally. All was fine in my life and I had nothing to complain about. After high school I went to college like most kids and took a course in Business administration. I always imagined myself in working in one of those big consultation companies and earning a good salary. In my forth year, I was attached to one company in Texas as I gained experience.

I worked for the company for some months after graduation with very minimal pay hoping they could absorb me permanently. After being in the company for 7 months, an opportunity came up and the Human resource office offered me a chance to proof myself. This was among my happiest days in my life and I vividly remember how my parents shared in my joy. However, things were not going as smooth as I had thought. I remember that night going out with my friend to just a beer or two as we celebrated. This is where everything went horribly wrong. I had taken some alcohol before but this night was different. We got real drunk and smoked a lot weed. This is something I had never done in life. I even remember sniffing some narcotics which I was later told was cocaine. I remember cursing my friend several times but then assumed all could be okay and I swore never to get drunk that much again.

I went to work as usual but then that evening had news that all new employees must beat a hair drug start test before they can be officially hired. I could not believe my eyes. I remember leaving work early that day as I contemplated on the next course of action. I had to get a way to be clean before the text which was to take place in the next five days. I was panicking knowing the disappointment I could bring to my parents. I tried to look for ways to cheat but could not get any. I even remember trying to look for an excuse to avid the text but then it meant quitting and leaving all my dreams behind. I remember going through the internet is search of solutions but could not find any. I could not withstand the shame of my parent knowing I had lost my job due to drugs as they could never imagine that of me. Just when I was almost giving up, I came upon the drugtestfriend.com. I was so desperate and was ready to do anything that promised me results, I had only 24 hours.

Drugtestfriend.com ended up saving my career. They gave me a guideline on their website that I strictly followed. I just had to pay a few dollars which at then meant nothing to me considering what I was about to lose. They went further and gave me a live person who I could speak to anytime I had questions or concerns. They assured me that all could be well and lived up to their word. I eventually passed my test and am currently working as consultant. Drugtestfriend.com work 100 percent and I always thank them for rescuing me when I was in a mess. I could recommend them to anybody in need as they are effective and offer a genuine guide that will help one cleanse their body in days. There were my life saver and will always remember their help.

Total Detox Friend Review

As I told you before, I grew up in Texas in a very strict family, where I was taught to abide by the societal rules and never do anything harmful, to me or to anybody else. I was incredibly ashamed when I snorted drugs for the first time, let alone when I smoked the first joint, and I did not want anybody to know my secret. This is where Total Detox Friend really helped me, and in this review I will share with you my personal, honest and straightforward experience and I will tell you how to do this in 24 hours with minimal effort.

What Is The Total Detox Friend And What Makes It So Special?

At first, you may be tempted to think that the Total Detox Friend will not do you any good – in the end, it is an eBook, so how could it help you? That is precisely what I thought at first, until I actually started reading the eBook and I was totally mesmerized to see the numerous remedies on how to get rid of the chemical waste and contaminants present in the body. Total Detox Friend helped me pass not just a hair strain test but also a urine test!

The eBook represents the joint effort of three scientists, who have worked together for no less than 10 years, trying to develop the ultimate guide for all those who are struggling to beat a test. So far, the eBook helped around 80,000 people from all over the world, and I was lucky enough to be one of them! The book also gave me some peace of mind, as I was more confident to invest in it knowing that it comes with a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Inexpensive, detailed, feature-rich and accompanied by many useful bonuses, Total Detox Friend saved my career and my goals, it boosted my mood and ultimately, it opened my eyes about the dangers of narcotics and heavy metals like mercury! That is correct – the eBook will not only help you clear from all drug traces, but it will also help you remove mercury and other heavy metals as well. There are numerous control detox formulas present in the eBook, and I proudly used all of them. Besides, I also got a free live consultation accompanied by live, 24/7 support and I was amazed to find out that the eBook had an average success rate that revolves somewhere around 98%!

What Are The Most Notable Components In The Total Detox Friend?

The book is developed by scientists, which certainly guarantees the fact that it is backed by solid, research-based evidence – and you can notice this from the first few pages of the book, as they are written in a very comprehensive yet scientific manner. The book helps you detox your hair, mouth, blood and urine, and you will get an all-round cleansing process. Not a single part of your body will remain contaminated with drugs or any traces of heavy metals, if you follow the detox plan exactly as detailed in the eBook, like I did.

That being said, there are several key components in the book that I found to be particularly useful. Firstly, you will become healthier once you manage to get rid of all these dangerous elements. Secondly, you can relieve stress and pressure, and you will learn how to treat your body like a temple. Your body deserves respect, and the eBook will teach you how to keep it healthy, how to reinforce your body’s immune system and how to boost your power, your vigor and your endurance! Also, Total Detox Friend will help you lower the risk for various illnesses related to drugs and heavy metals, it will help you lower your overall body fat percentage, get rid of body parasites and improve your general life quality.

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What I Loved Most About The Total Detox Friend?

There are several important benefits that I really loved about this eBook, and here they are:

  • There are several all-round cleansing diets designed to remove toxins and to thoroughly clean your body – these are food-based diets that involve drinking plenty of water and replace the lost minerals and vitamins ;
  • The book is perfect for hair detox, blood cleansing, oral detoxification (perfect for random mouth swab drug tests!) and general detoxification of your body;
  • The book is based on scientific evidence and it also features an online detox training program that you can easily follow from home, whenever you cook, clean the house or watch TV. You do not need to invest too much time in this eBook, in order to make the best of it!
  • The eBook is user-friendly, in-depth, useful, efficient, natural and entirely safe to use!
5 stars

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  • Joanne

    Has anyone using this Detox method passed both a hair and mouth swab test?

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    • Marie

      It works, girl, I had the same anxiety as you before my tests but I passed with flying colors! Don’t be afraid to get this even if you only got 1 day ‘till the test.

    • Joanne

      Thank you so much for all the replies! You’ve gave me a bit of confidence that this might actually work out so I am ordering now! Fingers crossed!

      • Joanne

        So, I’ve used their tips and I passed! Yupiii! I was so scared when they took the samples and when they came back with the results! I never want to go through that ever again! But Total Detox Friend helped me dodge a big bullet!

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    Very easy to follow book and it definitely works! Great buy!

  • A girl

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    So, I’ve used their tips and I passed! Yupiii! I was so scared when they took the samples and when they came back with the results! I never want to go through that ever again! But Total Detox Friend helped me dodge a big bullet!

  • Ian

    It’s interesting that this book helps you also remove mercury from the system not to mention other heavy metals! I’ve used the tips they share and most of them seem to be working for me.

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    Can a one time use show up in your hair