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The Saliva Drug Test THC

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What is it?

drug test for thcIt has become a well-known fact that some substances cannot be measured with regular drug tests, such as blood, urine or the regular saliva drug test. It is for this reason that the saliva drug test THC was devised to specifically measure marijuana consumption more effectively. THC is the active substance in marijuana. In the form of a molecule, the Δ9-THC can be found in the grass and in marijuana resin also known as Hashish. Since the smoke of cannabis is full of these molecules, they tend to linger in the mouth after a joint is smoked. When these molecules mix with saliva, they can really contaminate the whole cavity. This is to say that the saliva drug test THC works by detecting the presence of these molecules in the human mouth.

How it works

The accepted limit is 25 nanograms per milimeter. Any number over this will be considered positive whereas any figure below this cut-off is considered negative. The test works on a really simple basis, really. It is either negative or positive and cannabis consumption can be measured from 4 to 6 hours after the last joint has been smoked. Regardless of how much marijuana the person has smoked, the level can rarely be measured after the detection window is over: from 4 to 6 hours.

What are the advantages of using the Saliva Drug Test THC?

Considered one of the latest developments in drug testing technologies, the saliva drug test THC has not yet been established as 100% efficient, mainly due to their sensitivity. Theoretically, they are supposed to identify recent use (from 4 to 6 hours) however, there have been cases in which consumption had taken place even a few days before and nevertheless, the subjects tested positive. In spite of this apparent flaw, there are many pros to using this test. One of the added benefits of the saliva drug test THC is that it cannot be fooled with the help of mouthwash, for instance. Since the metabolites which contain the Δ9-THC molecule come from inside the oral tissues, they are less likely to be concealed. Although the use of this particular test has been accepted in countries, like Australia, for example, there are many others which are still debating over its credibility.


Where and how is the Saliva Drug Test THC used?

First and foremost, since saliva drug screening is far less intrusive than blood or urine test, so it can be carried out anywhere and anytime without the use of specialized equipment or without the need of certified health professionals. Authorized law enforcement officers would be more than enough. In fact, roadside alcohol testing with this method has become so common in many cultures that broadening the scope to include other drugs seems only natural. In addition, this method is starting to become popular as a part of staff selection processes which require drug screening as part of their recruitment steps. Several companies have developed simple and affordable kits which can be purchased online. There are different models available on the market and have been proven for efficacy already.



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  • Chilzzee May 4, 2015 at 5:27 pm Reply 

    With the event of the new roadside test i was considering giving up. My mate has put me onto this spray that he say’s actually works. It’s called test-neg.com. Has anyone heard of it, an does it work? My mate reckons it has saved him twice already

  • Twix December 10, 2015 at 5:16 pm Reply 

    Hi I have a close friend that got tested at work and tested postive for 1.5ng of thc with a mouth swab can he legally lose his job and kids he’s worried due to his past

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